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FlatNAT's 18 Pic's & Vid's POST EM HERE (links TOO)


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  • Joker changed the title to FlatNAT's 18 Pic's & Vid's POST EM HERE (links TOO)
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NEXT big Album to surface on the FB is here : 



My Fav image from this one is :



not because I'm in but but there's many CS'er in there too!


1 hour ago, HannesNel said:

nextt time


please do! :P even those that did not 'Enter' the track day were invited to participate in the Pack laps, and still had a ball attending the other events & even the Prize Table was a bit of a shcok to me this year


there must have been near $5k of booty on offer which some was literally drawn out of a (Subaru NZ) hat!

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"Pack Laps" Looked a bit like this, 4x Low speed laps of the Full Circuit for all Subaru's on site in the Morning before the Track day kicked off



& yeah I'll chuck these all into one super edit in order one day

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If you have names of the Drivers I was chasing post up the times you see them


aim is to pop these on the CS Social Media or whatnot as I went out with the purpose to capture others fun times & not really mine

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ah! Kinda had to be there :P Nah waiting for a release hopefully from the FlatNAT's 18 prize team!


Main prize of a Link ECU went to Local Palmerston North Subaru's Ezra White GC8




Not sure who won the 'tune voucher' or Clutch (pipe up if it was you! or you know!


Sump went to Cam from Ohakea


Hard luck award went to Wilson


Keltik aka @Jesus won the SubSQD $500 Powder coating voucher




and his mate Mike in the Forester won "Most unsuitable" Track car




Sound off Went to Palmerston North Subaru's Jen Silver BG Legacy




Show & Shine 'Most dirty' went to Palmerston North Subaru's Bekah White BP Wagon




and I won the first prize a Whiteline Hat & work gloves, drawn out of a hat!




those are the ones I can remember

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4speeds I guess with a LSD in the back (checked it in the air) whatever a stock 96 GF8 has in them, it' get more exciting in later sessions!


11 minutes ago, newsuba said:

top of the dash


I purposely gave away my dash pod just so this didnt happen! Hoping my Ali express order of Gauges arrives this week So I can at least have 6x differnt gauges & not 2x Volt meters & 2x Water Temp gauges LOL

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Do you have the sheet with all the times from the grasskhana @Joker? I’m curious what the times from individual runs turned out to be.


Also to add to Jokers previous post...

Cam won the Grasskhana and the Kelford Cams voucher.


And I came 3rd (or maybe second?) and scored a whiteline voucher 😁

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