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Impreza RA and STI RA model info


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Ra models first arrived at the same time as the standard WRX (my93 onwards)- i own 2 of these.

STI RA MODELS first showed up with the V2 models (GC8 C)


(my system doesnt tell me if it is optioned or as standard)

GC Sedan and Coupe

note - a Type R coupe is known as a WRXSTIRA model Coupe


V2- Sedan STI 555 blue

RASTI white

RA STI V LTD- option code 66- 555 blue

V3- Sedan STI 555 blue

RASTI white

V4- Sedan RASTI Blue and White

Coupe WRX RV ltd Blue only

V5- Sedan RASTI blue and white

Coupe option code 75 blue only

V6- Sedan RASTI(3 option codes)White Blue and yellow

Coupe option code 45 blue only


no Sedan RA models has these as an optioned extra- only came on Sedan STI and WRX models

i would imagine it would be the same for the coupe- but my info doesnt specify


there were 4 types of guards on the gc. RA models had the same as their non turbo counterparts, while wrx and wrxsti models had their own. 22b guards and gravel express guards were also different. With the infamous "ALLOY GUARDS on the RA models", if they did exist, then they were also fitted to the base model cars too.


All GC chassis Sedan RA and STIRA models had manual windows as standard, except for

V4- Sedan STIRA option 85 and 86

V5- sedan RA option 65 and STIRA option 86

V6- sedan RA option 55 and STIRA option 73 and 83

COUPE models only ever had electric windows (i beleive)


RA and STIRA models had unpainted door handles and wing mirrors (ie black) except for

V5- sedan RA option 65 and STIRA option 86

V6- sedan RA option 55 and STIRA option 73 and 83

Air Con

was fitted to

WRX RA V1 or 2 option 66

V5 option 55

RA STI V1 or V2 option 61

V5 option 86

V6 option 73 and 83

HEADLIGHTSfrom the Ver 2 onwards, the WRX RA and STI RA models had different headlamp units. this was to accomodate the brighter 12v 100/80w headlight bulbs as they had different mounting lugs


these quick racks were only fitted to STI RA models (and type R coupe) from Ver 3 onwards.

interestingly enough some STI RA models did not have a quick rack


Front LSD came fitted to

V4 + V5 WRXRASTI option 85 and option 86

V6 WRXRASTI and S201

DCCD came fitted to WRXRASTI and Type R models (V2-V6) and S201 and 22b models



these were only ever fitted to RA models as an EJ20G engine. Introduced on the MY93, MY94 and ver 1 and 2 and RA STI ver 1 and Ver 2. They all had the same inlet manifold so theoretically the sti ra models with 5th injector were not painted red


all MY93 engines were closed deck, MY94 manual WRX, RA and STI models got closed deck and MY95 STI and RASTI got closed deck blocks. there were also some other differences

From ver 3 onwards there were only WRX or STI engines, the ra engines werent any different.

and some other parts which i cant think of at the mo.

the above list had been prepared to the best of my knowledge, but may not be perfect.

if this list gives you some concerns as to what your vehicle actually is then check with your local subaru franchise with your chassis number and body model number or pm me

bough to you by Readosnr

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From memory thats the lightest WRX-RA weight, they vary from there to about 1260 depending on version. Type-R is generally slightly heavier than an STi-RA from the figures I've seen.

I'm also unsure about the quickrack only being available from Ver.3, I've driven a Ver.2 STi-RA V-ltd which had the normal STi quickrack sticker, it certainly flike a pretty quick rack too but I haven't driven a later one to compare.

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I am new to WRX as I only bought mine last week. Can anyone help me please. It's a 1998 GC8F 4 DD with option code XNG and a TY754VB1CA gearbox. Car has wind up windows, roof vent, alloy boot lid, R180 diff, quick steering. Car appears to have plate diff fitted to gearbox at some time in its life. (Japan ?)

My question is.. Why do I have AirCon in my car ? And it appears to have had sound deadening material on the floor..is this actually an RA ? I am unsure. Can someone very knowledgeable confirm it is an RA ? Cheers

It'll be getting a Rollcage next month and made into Club Rally car. I am missing quite a few pieces of the car already, but will have rear seats to sell, and some trim from inside.

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