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    Another update. The car was tuned last week by WRC Developments in Napier. I'm very happy with the results. Graham was very professional and definitely knows his stuff! The car feels the best it ever has.
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    A fair question, I was going to keep it a secret... but...
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    Sooooo bought another project car for a heck of a deal. She's been a very tidy car in the past (if you know the previous owner). But now needs some serious TLC. She'll serve me well while the 450kw build happens Not sure about the wing haha. Might swap it for a standard one. They are worth a bit of coin though!
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    just the last bit to finish of this round of mods so far flipped intake manifold and alternator, powdercoating, 70mm throttlebody, deutchworks 340lph intank bosch 044 external, surge tank full teflon braided lines,alloy radiator and silicone hoses, cobb intake,gfb bov, aeroflow rails, turbosmart fuel filter, aem fuel regulator, aem meth kit, oil catchcan, optima redtop relocated to boot, avs 5 star alarm and reversing camera, hella horns and frontmount.
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    Uhhh 225s on a 9.5" rim, why are we are looking at anything other than your incorrect tyre fitment? The contact patch is herp derping about because your sidewalls are probably at about 45 degrees. Get tyres that actually fit on your rim. Your current combination isn't even legal (https://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/infosheets/LVVTA_Info_01-2009_V3_Tyre_Size_to_Wheel_Size_Compatibility_Guide.pdf) Jesus, going loop-de-loop on handling mods while running a frankly stupid tyre setup, what's the point?
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    Coming from the other side the amount of s*** Chinese parts especially fuel parts like injectors and fuel pressure regulators is astounding and means we need to have a disclaimer for problems not arising from our work. Any tuner should stand by any work they do And parts they supply. The other problem we are getting more and more of is people are buying project unfinished cars that have had 3 different owners, Chinese whispers turns it from being a rb25de+t motor to a fully forged rb25 will head studs etc. Its not financially viable for us to pull off heads to check so if we are informed that an engine is forged we treat it that way. It also goes both ways, we have had many customers that try and drop car for tuning on 98 or npd100 then bringing it back a few weeks later down on power and surging etc on boost and we find 95 or even 91 in the tank because it was cheaper. This fuel grade clusse is in our contract but still gets ignored.
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    I am one of the photographers that gets to cover the Targa NZ event, I managed to get this one on a closed road while I was heading back to load all the aerial kit into the car.
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    Had the bugeye tuned, made 269kw with stock location turbo pretty happy with the outcome. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Added the sti logo to my intercooler today
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    Hit the store tab (at top) to order yours now! ~ Joker OP below
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    It's been a few months since I'd owned anything Subaru. Bought my wife an outlander and got rid of her convertible so that freed up driveway space and some funds. This bh5 popped up local to me and I absolutely had to have it. She's nothing special besides the color but it's a solid Rev. D Not manual but I'm completely OK with that. When I got it a few days ago it was in really rough shape so I gave it a full wax and polish up. Cleaned all the seats and vaccumed all the grot out. I've just bought some sti pinks to go in, and have some new wheels lined up.
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    Got some new tyres. The Laufenns that came on the car were both quite worn, and very sh*t. Some Continental MaxContact 6s work much better. Bit over kill for an outback, but better too good then not good enough. Also I cleaned it, looks less homeless now
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    From the rear it reminds me of a book shelf for some reason
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    @Niran We need a photo of the new car with the huge rear wing on a dirt road Before you cut it off. @Batbaruman come on all that camera posting! where’s the car photos for this not the stars???
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    The important part here is that hoyts have the card number of the offender and it can be tracked down that way. It's not so much a case of looking at a face and investigating. It's a case of accessing personal information held on an individual but protected under the privacy act. Registration details are protected under the privacy act but insurance companies can access that information. What you can do is go through the small claims court, but you would need to make sure that information at Hoyts won't be lost and is stored for you. But again, your insurance company should be doing this for you, I would kick up a fuss with your insurance company. You do not have to pay an excess for a claim if you can provide information identifying the other party for your insurance company to hold them accountable, your insurance company should be putting in the leg work for you, thats what you pay them for. I had an issue a few years ago with someone who provided a fake number and address at the scene of an accident they caused. My insurance company asked me to pay an excess at the end of the repair and i refused, saying i had identified the other driver and passed on all the information for them to use to seek payment from the other person. It turned out the number was disconnected, the address was vacant - insurance never got a reply or was able to talk to the other guy. Because of this they couldn't confirm he was at fault because he didn't provide his side of the story or accept my version of events. In my policy however it clearly stated that my insurance company only needed to establish who the other party was to dismiss payment of an excess if i believed i wasn't at fault. In their email trail to me they said they had established who the other party was but couldn't get hold of them - bingo, no excess ( i had to point that out lol). Long story short, fight your insurance company. They are lazy f***ers who just want your money, but they work for you. There is an insurance overseer who can help with disputes if you believe your insurer isn't providing adequate service and you want to take it further. If it was as easy as just ignoring the law to get away with a crime then the world would be f***ed, people are just lazy and you have to fight to get s*** done when stuff like this happens (police dont care, insurance passes the buck). You can report a non injury accident, it doesn't mean police have to investigate but you do need a reference number from police so when insurance talks to them there is a paper trail to work with. Usually you tick a box saying "no i dont want police to investigate with the intent of laying charges", you tick the box saying it is an insurance matter or some s***, its a technicality more than anything - without it insurance can't talk to police
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    Did the stereotypical Subaru mod and fitted the Hella supertones, but adult part of my brain made me make them stealthy Also replaced one of the front axle seals as its was leaking, but didnt bother taking photos of that!
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    if you ordered your calendar, its in the post! We still have stock, so get you orders in and we will get them out to you!
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    Hi all Just applied forum updates Please see release notes below if interested and post here if you find any issues. https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/447-r88/ https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/448-r89/ https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/449-r90/ https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/4491-r91/
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    Gave it a wax. Came up real nice Need to sort that paint damage at rear wheel though
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    Yeah to be fair if you're just flashing a "this is for a stock motor" kinda tune you should be more or less OK, there's so much margin built into these motors that you're likely to still be well within the safe zone - and it sounds like you're going to do it fairly conservatively. I mean realistically, look how many of these things are getting around with a boost tap and a poddy getting caned on 91 octane completely un-tuned.
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    Even better! TS is overated, sell the $300 TS headers, buy a V7 stock set for $50 and buy the VF48.
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    "Ok here's your new tune, flash that and then go do some logging" "Right, went for a drive, here's the log file" "Oh yes, very nice, you can see just here where it started to knock furiously and smashed the bottom end bearing to little pieces" "Cool, thanks"
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    Picked my car up from Kaizen works who fixed two exhaust leaks and fitted my air oil separator. Tracked down a new spot light cover as mine decided to exit the bumper last time I drove the car so will be getting some paint matched on Saturday to spray the new one. Besides this just waiting for Tuesday to roll around so I can have the touch up tune done then enjoy the car
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    Hey Everyone been a longtime since anyone has posted in here is anyone still floating around?
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    Its only taken me the best part of 2 years..... but...
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    use the Prelude, why buy another when you've got something thats's already cheap as chips Honda wins every time (even on the track : the STI boys just wont admit it)
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    99% of dyno operators have a frankly bewildering disclaimer that basically says they could pull the head off your motor and squeeze out a giant f***ing turd inside your block and it wouldn't be their fault. For a fairly expensive "premium" service they somehow get away with murder, imagine if you took your car to a panelbeater and their disclaimer was like "we may completely ruin your paint and dent all of your panels". Although on the other hand, there's probably too much risk of shed-built piles of s*** exploding and then being blamed on the tuner.
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    🤤 This is a build I've had in mind for a while due to its budget-friendliness. The first-gen EZ30 is ideal for a bit of boost due to its single exhaust port heads, they were never awesome naturally asperated but boosted the less efficient head exits don't really cause drama and make it easy to fab up a custom turbo kit. Here is what I would do if I was tackling this, hope it answers some of your questions. 250kw seems achievable but also it's going to be nice and torquey so even if you only get to 220-230kw it's still going to be an awesome streetcar. Id stick with the 5MT - going to the 6MT is not budget-friendly Stock ECU is fully tunable if its a Rev-D.. I would run the stock ECU and an external EBC Turbo - nice big Chinese eBay special. Something that flows nicely, it already has low down so later spooling is not a major IMO. STI Pink 500cc injectors will get you there no problem.. and they fit straight in.
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    Can get the genuine parts off website called partsouq excellent place for parts and they ship very quickly.
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    It was a few years ago now, its one of those insurance companies that car dealers use to give you "instant" cover when you drive off their car yard, you then have a week to arrange your own cover - their whole policy fitted on one piece of A4 paper haha. I've been with AMI, they usually go the extra mile. I have the email address and phone number of a claims manager if you want to talk to someone a bit higher up who has more of an idea of what to do. (PM me). You mentioned that the offender went to Hoyt's and bought tickets - if they used an eftpos or debit card then you have all the information their to identify them along with visual confirmation with the security camera. Your insurance company should be able to apply for the necessary paperwork to have that footage and card holder information released
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    FlatNats 2019 Pukekohe Park Raceway. @Invisible
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    yeah around $1k +/- $250 for odds
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    Rapt are a good cheaper option or PF Auto if you want it done by the top level guys which is probably overkill. Could discuss with them a labour only deal and source everything genuine yourself from partsouq for a fraction of the cost of getting it locally. Still a big job though so 1k all up is probably not far off, this way you get the better genuine stuff than the cheaper alternative parts though
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    Mine was done when they replaced the original damaged dash, so don't have to worry about mine. If you are getting it replaced by Crowesport in Christchurch I can vouch for the good workmanship in reinstalling the dash. Wouldn't even know it has been out, no creaks, rattles or unexplained gaps
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    Front tints done and wheels repainted. Looks much sharper now. Can't wait for the sti pinks to go in! Would like an exhaust too
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    Hey all, Just following up on this now that it's been fixed. I can confirm that the issue has been resolved with the changing of the fuel pump and filter. Fuel usage back to where it should be, have gained back around 1.5L/100km. Car has much more off boost power now, as well as pulling nicely through the range and is a pleasure to drive again so I'm a happy man. The only thing that still isn't right is the stored fuel trim readings, mostly at idle where it's sitting at -9.70%. I'm really not sure why either when the mechanic tells me the car is as healthy as a button. Only thing I can think of would be the new MAF is causing it. Would incorrect MAF scaling do this? I think Dave from Cryotune had to adjust this when he tuned my car as I remember him saying the trims were a little higher than he would like. Any input would be great, Cheers!
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    New location too! (has got bigger) https://www.facebook.com/events/1152571891606018/ FEB 16 2020 "Supercheap Auto" Spectacular Car Show Buckley Golf Course Shannon
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    That really sucks man. I’ve just had my engine rebuilt after a similar experience. There’s a few second had engines on trademe but what’s the history of it going to be like? I nearly put a second hand engine in mine but opted for a new shortblock. Similar dollars (not including rebuilt heads, gaskets, seals etc) but you start with basically a new engine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That and I want low and mid range power with good spool so mild cams should work. the 1mm oversize should allow more flow with a lower lift and the valve train won’t have harsh profile to deal with. So no valve float at higher rpm. it’s all a guess and won’t know how high I can rev it until the tune. With stock valves B cam is good for 600hp. I can always swap cams and/or turbo out but valves etc need way more work.
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    So much left to buy... RCM head studs RCM tensioner waterpump with cast impeller timing belt ARP case bolts Clutch intercooling parts forgot to add Fire ring head gaskets bearings so much left to do... Pin Mains and line hone crank close deck block oil gallery mod Tap head stud holes for 14mm studs
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    Was watching this today and noticed its another example of MCA Coils that liked a softer swaybar. see the video @ 3:40
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    yeah its really weird to me they are getting you to do their job lodge a claim with them ; let them figure it out they can and should chase the 'perp' to recoup their costs
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    Oh boy this is me on a daily basis trying to defend Subarus....Most people think "Oh nah Subarus are S***. You tried changing the spark plugs? I ran 25 psi with my boost tap and it blew up, Thats crap! My skyline ran 30psi all day and it still goes!" Working at Supercheap for 5 years really did bring out the idiots who should never touch a car let alone own a Subaru. I had people buy shitty 20w-50 oil to run in their post GC Subarus because it was cheap..Oh and did i mention they used the whole bottle when all the needed was 1L instead of 4L? I think the main reason and biggest reason is they have a bad name. Just like Honda's do. Now i will admit i do give Honda's a bit of stick but end of the day they are still good cars and that is the same with Subarus. As many of you have mentioned here, Look after your car and it will look after you. Now my 02 WRX has done almost 300,000kms...on a stock block. Its lasted a trackday, drive to the bottom the south island and back, The odd paddock bash and daily driving for 3 years. If thats not reliability then i dont know what it is. Of course i have played with it a bit(Turbo back exhaust from a GC8 with no cats, adjustable suspension, thicker rear swaybar from an STI etc) but i service my car every 5,000km without fail using GOOD QUALITY products and meeting all the right specifications. The amount of truth in this statement is crazy. Most people buy a Subaru, Run it on 91 or 95(95 isnt too bad but i always run my subarus on 98), Do Launches which ofcourse a standard Trans, Transfer Case & Diff cant really handle, Clutch kick, Go to Trackdays without a baffled sump(if its a track like Hampton & Puke that have big right handed sweepers) and blow their motor due to Oil Starvation & then blame the car for obviously breaking when really it was their own stupidity and negligence that caused the problems in the first place. As the old saying goes, A good Tradesman never blames their tools. And personally i think that 100% applies with cars too.. However each to their own, kind of good in a way cause it keeps the idiots away from Subarus and raising the parts prices because there is more demand. Seen the price for a standard S14 vs a WRX? BIG difference but only because Silvia's, Skylines, 180's etc are popular and there is a high demand for them. People can say whatever they like but i love my Subaru and i always will. Nothing and nobody will change that