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PBMS Group Parts Order


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Hey all,


Have been having a few chats with Pat from @PBMS about doing a group order for parts from the US. Pat should be able to give us some competitive pricing on big brands parts, especially if we can get a stack of us to order together. Best time to stack up for those build plans on the boil!


PBMS can get most parts from all major brands. The likes of:

  • Turbosmart
  • Whiteline
  • JE Pistons
  • Harrop Superchargers
  • Kelford Cams
  • Process West
  • Link ECU
  • Emtron
  • ARP
  • Pure Performance Motorsport
  • Invidia
  • King Bearings
  • ACL
  • AEM
  • Aeromotive
  • Garret
  • BorgWarner
  • BC Brian Crower
  • CP
  • Cometic
  • Cusco
  • DBA
  • DW
  • Eagle
  • Exedy
  • GSC Power Division
  • HKS
  • Injector Dynamics
  • Innovate Motorsport
  • KW Suspension
  • Manley
  • OS Giken
  • Perrin
  • Project Mu
  • Radium
  • Rallyarmor (mudflaps)
  • Vibrant
  • Walbro


Basically anything you have had your eyes on, let me know (either PM or comment on here) and i'll collate it all and get us pricing. Send me:

  • Name and brand of the part you want
  • Model no. and qty


Remember the more we get on this the better it will be overall. 


Big thanks to @PBMS for supporting the club! 


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  • Admin
1 minute ago, Niran said:

I'll kick us off. I'll most likely be getting:


  1. DBA T3 4000 front and rear rotors
  2. DBA XP+735 pads

For now, plus a stack of other parts if this guy buys my motor. 


Personal opinion, but I'd buy Dixcel over DBA. More consistency and better wear over time.

Also REALLY good on the track.

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Depends on the final price but here’s my list:

Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate w/ 2 Bungs


Invidia Uppipe

Invidia 3in Downpipe to 2.5in Exhaust Adapter
Could also need a 3 port boost control solenoid ( I’ve only found Grimmspeed tho) and a silicone turbo inlet hose.
Can PBMS also do a super special price for tuning (reflash 2011 WRX ecu) after ordering said parts in the group buy? 😁😁😁
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Nice list @Omsin


Will get a full price for you soon


Some suggestions:

- the 3 port, they are all the same. Its a Mac valve. PBMS have link ones which will do the job, or you can try find a mac valve

- don't think changing the silicon inlet hose will do much unless I'm wrong? Better off getting a cold air intake like this:



@Dairusire the price of the dixcel stuff is quite high compared to DBA. Haven't heard of anything negative about the t3 DBAs so keen to give them ago. Also they look dam nice lol. Wanted the dixcel z pads but they are 600+ 

Will give these DBA ones a go and report back

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JE pro seal fire ring head gaskets 


PS I have XP pads and I don’t like them. Not great initial bite and feel soft when braking. Soft is not pedal feel but more weak braking performance. They still stop ok but not aggressive enough for me. 
told they can be worn out after maybe two track days. 
the T3 discs seem fine 

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DBA1678XP fronts

DBA1521XP rears

Old ones were Bendix street road track which felt more confident and solid. 

they both squeak and squeal though. 

I found EBC to be really good before. 

They don’t make the pads I had anymore but it sat between orange and blue. Pretty much orange but higher temp range. 

Ps if you think you may go to new motor then get better pads. 

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On 28 September 2019 at 12:40 AM, Gripless said:


JE pro seal fire ring head gaskets 



Do they require block machining? I've been looking into The Athena ones! But haven't committed yet.

& does the block require machining for the RCM 14mm-12mm head studs? Probably kill a few birds at a time?

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Athena is JE, same parent company

14/12 mm require only block to have new threads drilled and cut. Heads stay stock. 

with any other big studs you have to drill the holes in the head bigger. 

only WRC style seperate inconel rings need the groove machines in. 

Athena and JE have a ring inside the gasket and no extra work required 

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