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Reubens Second Single Conversion thread. 56k fail.


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Righty, seeing as the old thread on this died with the old forums, i've been taking photo's on matt's single turbo conversion, so that i may document it better than last time. The goal is also to bin the old how-to thread and make a newer, easier, more literate, and more comprehensive one to replace it. In this thread, i'm just going to document the progress through matt's single conversion.


So, the story. This is Matt's, aka drunkenmonkeys car. And it has a blown primary, not uncommon. The fix, replace the the turbo, easy. A few hundred $'s later, and matt has towed the car up to my place from Auckland for me to work on, with a boot full of single turbo parts. I suppose that's one way of replacing the turbo! :D In reality, ever since he drove my car, has wanted to do a single turbo conversion, this was the excuse he needed, and with good connections here and there, has managed to source almost all the parts for well under $1000. Just the turbo left, but i think the total cost is still going to be around the $1000 mark!

So it begins!

The garage, it's actually a bloody nice place to work, even if a bit full of crap from the move up here to wellsford.



Last photo's of this car as a twin turbo.


Bye Bye BBoD


Making progess


Almost ready for pull


Had some trouble at this point... turns out the primary turbo hooked on the clutch fork pin, so wasn't seperating from the gearbox... f***ing twin turbo's!






Up and out!



Woops, left half an engine mount behind. Lucky i have spares. Also, powersteering pump caps leak oil when upside down, something i found when i did my conversion... Not good (cost me my pump, cause i drove it on no fluid).


So far, i'd say 10 man hours to pull the engine, spread out over 2 days. With 2 experienced people working on it though, you'd be able to get the motor out in about 4 hours easy.

Tomorrow, i lay out all the single parts, and take pics of every item, so that people may better know what they need to buy for the conversion. Will see if i can get started on stripping everything off the long block, and doing the comprihensive conversion with new single turbo manifold and everything.

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Nice work. Ahh and Jase has come a loooong way since GTB2NV haha

If you guys are somehow still at it come February I'll pop up to check out this fancy new property of Reuben's and his shed of car carnage/rebirth... I might even get some 'supervision' in...

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Guest Fastfour
 Dv8er - FSTWRX said:

Haha anyone else got a BG on 20's, the way the trend seems to go here you'll probably own a Spec C afterwards haha ::)

Paul likes to copy me hahah

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Guest Fastfour
 BlkPnthr said:

Jase are those DTM Pentas? Put them on my BMW, very nice.. although yours was an inch bigger than mine ;)

They are TSW Kyalami's in Hyper black.

They ended up being sold seperately to the car and ended up on Jared JWDRPN forester which was onsold to Becca.

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Well, here's pics of all the parts needed for a comprihensive conversion.

A Version 3/4 STi ECU

V3 sti, and type R = 6S


A turbo. Such as a VF22, 24, 30 etc. From a single turbo subaru.


Single turbo Coolant supple and return lines. You can make your own

This is the supply line:


Single turbo Oil return line (rubber pipe)

Single turbo Oil return line (Metal pipe in block)


Single turbo exhaust manifold.


Single turbo gear box cross member. Needed if you get a bolt on DP, not if you make your own downpipe.



No Pic yet

Single turbo up-pipe bracket. (the one by the turbo)

No pic yet

STi Intercooler


Intercooler bracket, if you got the intercooler. Single turbo ones are shorter as show here:


Single turbo intercooler Y pipe. V3/4 and 5/6 are the same


Turbo outlet to Y pipe hose

(Part of the Y-pipe pictured above if you got an STi y-pipe)

V3/4 Intake manifold (You get one because of this, the coil pack)


Idle control valve supply line (metal thing that goes on top of the manifold)


BOV (and associated pipes)


BOV Return line/rockercover breather lines (Don't forget the little rubber hoses that connect it to the rockercovers!)(it's a metal pipe hudden on the underside of the manifold)


Turbo Inlet/intake pipe


Crank case breather line (I had to make my own)(the one picture is missing a pipe, will take better pics later)


Right hand fuel rail if you want to do the split fuel rail, more on that later

No Pic yet

Single turbo solenoid bracket (This is so you can replace the BBoD)

Pressure select solenoid (a 3 port solenoid from a single turbo, this is only to tidy up the wiring, you actually already have one in the BBoD that you can use - but it has a great big plug with like 15 wires.)


Bolts to block off the primary turbo's Oil supply, return and coolant return lines on the left hand head. These can be taken off an N/A


Coil pack from a V3/4 or any N/A of the erra.


Leads for coil pack, off a V3/4 only


And ignitor for coil pack


Gaskets for:

Intake manifold

No pic

*Throttle body (only $3)

No pic

Exhaust manifold

No pic


No pic


No pic

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 ReubenH said:

Bolts to block off the primary turbo's Oil supply, return and coolant return lines on the left hand head. These can be taken off an N/A


You can find these on any EJ20. They are on the front of the head to block the end of the oil gallery.

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 gazzy2000 said:

Haha, i thought i reckonised that manifold, i sold those ST V4 conversion parts on TM.

Great to see them being put to use! I may have that hose missing off the breather if you want it. Just need to know what it looks like.

so you sold him the twin turbo intercooler bracket instead of a single turbo one :P

btw thanks reuben for starting this for me :D

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