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Thanks to Debbie (ClubSub Mum)


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I'd just like to formally thank Debs for all the work she's put in over the last (2?) years as Wellington Area Rep. Although she is still the Area Rep for the meantime, as she is leaving us for shakier shores next week now is probably the appropriate time for us to make our appreciation known.

So a virtual round of applause for all the cruises, lunches, dinners, meets, gelato-times and the gallons upon gallons of milk that you and Mike (Hotspurz) have graciously provided in the form of coffee, and for putting up with us young whippersnappers and asians-suffering-from-spontaneous-nap-syndrome.

All of us in Wellington wish you both all the best in this new stage of your lives, and we expect you'll be visiting often in any case!


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Welly won't be the same without you 2 hooligans and your fast cars.

Thanks for all the help, the random Sunday sessions at Heaven/Midnight/Kaffee Eis and the banter you guys really know the true meaning of hospitality & the Chch crew are lucky to be getting you.

you'll be back.... there's no Kaffee Eis in chch :P

All The Best, Will be down for a visit later in the year

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 MercuryFree said:

....................whippersnappers and asians-suffering-from-spontaneous-nap-syndrome.........................

Wonder who the "asians-suffering-from-spontaneous-nap-syndrome" could be :D I can think of at least two!

Now where else am I going to consider having 'power naps'? Although I've felt less need to have them now - must be a lot less stress associated in the new job!

But yeah, thanks heaps Debs n Mike for putting up with us Welli nutters - I'm sure we've driven you to drink on more than several occasions!

Now I need to fix my coffee machine.....it's gathering dust.

Hope to catch up at MM...

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A BIG Thank You to Mike & Debs for inviting me down and introducing me to some of the Wellington bunch who have made me feel very welcome in past meets I've managed to get to. I'll definitely be in touch with you two before our South Island adventures with the Wagon.

Good Luck in Christchurch! ;D

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Thanks for all the good wishes. I have enjoyed being the Wellington Area Rep and organising events from DIY days to ice cream cruises and BBQs.

Our coffee machine is not going to get a rest, as the Christchurch crew are already looking forward to putting it to use.

Until we move into our house in Oxford (which is hopefully going to be finished around June/July) we are "flatting" with clubsubbers in Central Christchurch.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at mega meet, and if you can't make that PLEASE contact us if you are ever in the area and we will catch up.

Only 3 days before we head off now, will be nice to get to a house that has furniture and a tv (as we have sold these to move).

Our best wishes to you all.

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Thanks Mike & Debz for making me feel so welcome to the new capital city, I only got to meet you guys once - which was the last ClubSUB meet we had at Nandos, I wish you all the best for ya future endeavours and hope to see you guys again. Goodluck in Chch :D

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