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Anyone fixed this before?


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 ben-jamminn said:

I\'ve never used plasti dip, how do you apply it and did you mask off a large area surrounding?

Like this, i ended up covering the rest of the car in painters blankets just incase of over spray ;) Its just a spray can, so you clean it up and do multiple coats.


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Apply wax and grease remover and wipe dry. Sand down using wet and dry. Begin at like 400g, progressively move to 1000g. You shouldn't need primer. Make sure no dust or w&g remains. I find w&g is the enemy even decent brands. Mask off like others had said. If blending it's a bit harder with cans, fold your masking tape back a little so it's not a hard edge and DO NOT spray all the way down. Try and fade/blend it in. 


I spray two light coats or as many as needed for good coverage with 15-20min breaks in between. 


Once dry wet sand with 2000g lightly. Let dry and cover with 2k clear, thick but not too thick that it runs. Two coats should be OK. Once dry wet sand with 2000g and let it sit for a week or so then compound and polish. Should blend in nicely with existing paint, providing that that paint isn't faded :)

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