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The CS 10+ year Veterans Club (Soon to be 20 years!


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 Koom said:

It was around 2005 that WRXER bought his car off another chch member then later became the local rep. Not sure when he was last on here but he's also still got that same car but now more modified too.



Got married back in 2004 and used WRXER and X37637 cars. Yes WRXER brought the red car from Jason and still has the car but it is a track car now.

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 Koom said:
Who else is still sad enough to have the same car that they started here with? Haha #myhandisup

(I couldn't figure out how to fix my thermostat and it took me hours!)

I too still have my first Subaru UU3777 aka DQGB0X, I brought it back in 1999.

I remember my second track day in chch (can't remember the year now) was a combined track day with NZ hondas?? Pretty sure wrxer ran it, I blew the power steering hose & caught fire!! My brother (in law) had his ef civic -that is quick.

It was not long after that, that I discovered there were clubs with online forums & the rest is history

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  • Joker changed the title to The CS 10+ year Veterans Club (Soon to be 20 years!

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