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Gull 98 in 2007 legacy GT auto


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So i am a little confused, been using BP 98 for the 7 months i have had my car, the car has never really run that great, fells slow and laggy and heavy and slow to accelerate,in modes I,sports,sports+. Had turbo looked at all good boosting 15psi, had car server and fully looked over buy Subaru Greenlane all come back fine.Never been tuned that i know off,so i tried using Mobil 98  for 1 month car ran the same as the BP 98, i was told never to use Gull 98 from a lot of places, but i was ok fck it i'll try a tank of it, WTF my car runs much smoother, fells a hell of a lot fasters, much much better accelerate and can now feel the boost... So is it Safe to keep using it or will i fck my car? the only downside is i only get 400ks tank of Gull and 500ks on BP and Mobil.

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It'll work but it's a false economy given that ethanol has a lower calorific value than petrol (i.e. requires more energy to do the same amount of work). It sounds as if your problem may not be fuel specific.


Have you conducted any monitoring on your car - for example using SSM? 

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  • Admin

AKA fanging it to test out the difference with the new fuel. 


Assuming it’s a jap import it’s is highly likely it will run better on Gull as it’ll pull small amounts of timing around the place on straight 98 without a tune so the Gull might just be enough to not knock in some places it had been.


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  • Admin

As @Andy_Mac has stated, could be just that. Gull 98, with it's 10% ethanol could be just enough for it to run better. Reason being, is that Eth is a great cooling agent. Combine that with 98 octane, and you've got a nice mix which makes for something a little more knock resistant. Not hugely, but in your case, maybe just enough. 


Short and tall of it is, if the car runs better on it, just run it on that. All Subaru's post 2001 should be able to handle it. 

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Gulls 10% ethanol should have an effect. More fuel usage, but less knock. I do know of a few people who have had their cars run worse on it, some run better. 


If I remember correctly, Subaru has recommended that none of their cars from Japan should be run on any fuel with ethanol content. 


I would strongly recommend having a chat to @Pappu1 about getting your tune looked over, and potentially adjusted

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  • Admin
1 hour ago, Teufel said:

Doesn't make sense to me why it would perform better on E10 as opposed to PULP unless someone's specifically tuned it as such.


Because it isn’t tuned for our 98, it’s tuned for 100 so it knocks and pulls timing when run on 98. 

e10 will have a knock resistance somewhere in between the two regardless of the octance rating still technically being 98 because of the cooler air charge. 

No tune is perfect either. Mine has a mild amount of retardation all the time so e10 could probably allow a touch more timing with e10 

5 minutes ago, Danihellfire said:

Ok got my friends scan cable and software this reading i got. no error codes, boosting 14.9psi, running Mobil 98




So IAM is the overall multiplier for timing which means it will times any timing figure by 0.938 before even considering any furher reductions from the likes of FLKC or FBKC.


Unless you’re resetting the ECU with each fuel change things will be messy as it’ll only incremently add timing back when on e10

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  • Admin

Not terrible. An expected amount really. Think mine was at like 0.7ish before getting a tune so yours isn’t pulling much at all.

The -10.6 in the first fuel correction is more concerning than anything else. That’s pretty far out for a stock air intake?


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  • Admin

There’s a indepth explanation of what you see in Learning View. Different layout to your’s as it looks like your using BTSSM.




I’d be resetting the ECU once you have a full tank of e10 and drive around for a few days as normal and see what the LV gives you then.

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  • General Member

I went looking for the ethanol explaination on Subaru'co.nz's website : appears to have gone









Ethanol suitability for Subarus

Most Subarus purchased new in New Zealand since 1990 are capable of running on the ethanol blended fuel now being introduced to the local market.

However any Japanese domestic specification models which have been imported here second hand (i.e.). second hand Japanese imports - should not be run on the ethanol blended fuel.

These cars are only suitable for 3 percent blended fuels. The fuel being sold in New Zealand has a 10 percent ethanol blend.

The 10 percent ethanol blended fuel could cause damage to the fuel line, fuel injector sealing, fuel pump or fuel regulator of these second hand Japanese imports. The fumes from the blended fuel after combustion can also have a harmful effect on the catalytic converter, the exhaust gas regulator and the muffler.

Those Subarus which can use the 10 percent ethanol blended fuel have a 17 digit VIN number beginning with either JF1 or JF2. The VIN number can be found at the bottom of the central door pillar on the passenger’s side of the car or in the engine bay.

The second hand Japanese imports which should not use the ethanol blended fuel have VIN numbers starting with 7A8.

A small number of models sold new in New Zealand cannot use the 10 percent blended fuel. They are.-

Legacy RS, Legacy GT, Legacy GTB, Legacy RSK and Legacy Blitzen from 1990 onwards; the Impreza STI from 1997 onwards and the Forester STI. They do not have JF1 or JF2 VIN numbers.

Owners who are not sure if they can use the ethanol-blended fuel in their car should consult their nearest Subaru Authorised Dealer.

In Summary

DO NOT USE Ethanol Blended Fuel - E5 or E10 if your car is:


  • A Subaru with VIN Number that starts with 7A8, or
  • Second hand Japanese imported Subaru, or
  • A New Zealand New Subaru that is any of these models:

  • Legacy RS, Legacy GT, Legacy GTB, Legacy RSK and Legacy Blitzen

  • Impreza STI

  • Forester STI


CAN USE Ethanol Blended Fuel - E5 or E10


  • Only New Zealand new Subarus models 1990 onwards with a VIN number beginning with JF1 or JF2 may use E5 or E10 blended fuels


Note: The VIN number is a 17-digit number that can be found at the bottom of the central door pillar on the passenger's side of the car or in the engine bay.

For more information relating to ethanol biofuel, visit http://www.eeca.govt.nz/renewable-energy/biofuels/index.html


in short : older subaru's No ethanol, newer are fine

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Ffs, both NZ new and import run the same tank, pump, lines, injectors, seals..... Run Gull 98 and don't worry about it. 
Without any factual information to back it up, I do agree with this. I'll let you know when mine gives up on e30.

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  • Admin

Just quietly, we've been running full e85 in Furzes car since flatnats. And only last week. Replaced the fuel line from tank to the hardlines. They still seemed fine other than the typical 21 year old car line perish, that's expected

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