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hi guys and girls


I've got a 95 wrx sti which i want to turn into track hack while keeping it road worthy ( maybe only just) I would like to remove alot of the interior ( ideally most of the stuff behind the front seat backs.) to make room for a half cage and a to lighten the car. ( assuming the cage will need cert thats down the line)  I'm unsure how far I can go with this and still retain a WOF'able' standard

for example if there are no rear seats can the door panels come off as well as all the carpets? 


Roll cage: has anyone had one made in the south island that acquired cert ok? Bolt in or weld?


Coilover spring rate: Has anyone gone to hard or too soft? wondering if there is a magic number here for front and rear ( bearing in mind a sway bar upgrade will be in order.)


Bars and brackets: so many options to stiffen a chassis but which ones really work well for handling? (not so much silly engine torque tho) bearing in mind weight is an issue...


any other advise is greatly appreciated ! :)  :)  



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You will be good with getting a wof as long as the car has a cert as well as an MSNZ logbook, that'll allow things like buckets and Roll cages. 

this is all stuff I've heard from other guys, can always call up a wof place and chat to them but it is possible. 

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1 hour ago, chulozumo said:

Have a chat to the guys at Specialised Auto Services in Chch for roll cages/if you need work done down south. Top notch lads

Give @SAS a PM and tell him what you're looking at doing.

He'll be able to let you know what to do and what sort of money you could be looking at.

I've been out to there workshop and have seen the work they have done first hand and its all top notch.


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SAS are a good time as mentioned above


I found that in terms of bracing the best thing GC8's is to try to hold the front end together better with fender braces, K brace, can both be picked up pretty cheap and weight next to nothing, diff brace is also good, cage should do the rest


Coilover spring rates it'll really depend on what type of tire you're running, figure that out then talk to a manufacturer like MCA and they'll be able to recommend something. 



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You can strip all the interior trim you like apart from the front door cards... though you could make some lighter ones if you wanted.


No need for a cert for a roll cage but it needs to be msnz homologated and you will need an msnz authority card. I don't know if any bolt in option

is road legal or allowed to enter msnz evetns.


Coilovers will need a cert obviously.



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side note as most points have been covered : DON'T get a bolt in cage


for a few reasons, the best one being they are USELESS, yeah they look cool & may appear to do the job, MSNZ don't like them either


once you got half or rear cage you might as well go whole hog, now you have a racecar :P

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14 minutes ago, Willy'swrx said:

Thanks heaps for your help, stoked to here half cage won't need cert. welded in sounds good :) 

Subaru speed seem to do some cheapish braces and arms etc. do you guys recommend any other suppliers?

Subaru Speed is always good to keep an eye on for parts.

Other place is TM of course and any of the Subaru buy sell pages on FB.

Also keep an eye on here, as theres sometimes some nice bits put up for sale.

Also you could try @mlracing.co.nz for parts too.


When you get started you should start a garage thread, so we can follow your build and you can show it off.

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From: https://www.lvvta.org.nz/knowledge_base.html


Can I remove my rear seats from my vehicle?  
Yes, however to pass a WoF the seatbelts will also need to be removed from the vehicle


 I have a prelude and am considering removing the back seat and putting my subwoofers there instead, would I need a cert for this?
LVV certification is not required where the only modification is the removal of seats and/or seatbelts. You should remove every part of all seatbelts or it may cause issues at WOF time. If it’s a permanent change you should get the details altered in NZTA’s records by taking the car to a TSDA (VTNX, VINZ or AA) to get it noted as a 2 seater. Your insurance company may also want to know. The addition of the speakers doesn’t require certification either, as long as you aren’t cutting out any structural material. The box should be secured well enough to withstand 20 times its own weight in the case of a frontal impact. Using the old rear seatbelt mounts is a good idea; perhaps with a steel strap over the box.

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