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Revving in neutral safe?


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Hey guys

I don't usually rev my engine in neutral ever as it has done 200,000km and is a bugeye WRX. Had some friends around and they wanted to hear it and I revved it to 3k rpm in neutral maybe 4 or 5 times. No further than that and also car was warm as I had been driving in 10 mins before this happened.

I read that is not necessarily good to do while engine is unloaded but I assume a few revs to 3k in neutral would cause minimal additional wear correct?

I am just wondering since vehicle has high km and also going to get it tuned soon! Cheers

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Wear is from abuse or lack of maintenance.

the wrong gear and low rpm would be far worse.

If the factory ecu lets you do it then no problems, you can rev it to the redline if you like. 
Also if it caused excessive wear then the ecu would have been wired to the gearbox or clutch to stop it free revving. 


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