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Anyone done poly mounts?

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Was looking a slowly switching over to poly mounts but after researching lots and watching some videos it looks like the vibrations and NVH can be quite rough for a daily driver. These were engine mounts I was looking at in the video so I assume that is one of the worst offenders.


I am currently needing to replace my shifter bushings, steering rack bushings, rear shocks and front top hats.


I am looking at getting either a Kartboy or Cobb SHort shifter (have not decided yet), and everyone is recommending to get the front and rear stay bushings in poly to go with it. ANyone done that? I heard the trans will whine when doing that?


Also, I was looking at doing for the moment the steering rack bushings and the sway bar/end links in poly.


As far as I am aware, the swaybar and endlinks will not cause any increase in NVH so those seem worth doing.


Anyone done poly on steering rack? Worth doing or keep stock?


I also am quite interested in the Group N Hardened rubber mounts.

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I need to get mine aligned since doing it, but when building the WRX I went for the full whiteline package, all suspension mounts, sway bar mounts, rack mounts etc. I can't say I have a hell of a lot of NVH, but I also never drove it before these changes so can't comment too much. Steering feels good, suspension feels good, so I'll provide more feedback once I drive it a lot I guess. 

Sorry, not a very helpful reply!

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I used group n mounts. They definitly added a decent amount of vibration when idling. Fine when driving tho.

Apparently poly bushes need to be regressed after a while - i could be wrong tho.

I would go for uprated whiteline rubber bushes personally.

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I did whiteline poly steering rack bushes which for some reason wore out and had heaps of play well within a year so went back to stock ones.

Poly and solid engine mounts are pretty horrible for noise and vibrations so i’d recommend against them for anything except a race/monster power street car.

The swaybar bushes will need regressing quite often to avoid squeaking I've found and their squeak free ones with a furry inner wears out pretty quick so not that helpful either.

Whiteine adjustable end links aren't a bad option either, keeps away from poly ones so need no maintenance but are still classed as heavier duty than the stock ones.


I've done group N engine, large trans and trans cushion bushes and am super happy with them after trying Kein shackle style rubber bush mounts that were rather loud and harsh.

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