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Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ chatter/NEWS here!!!!!

Old Skool Subbie

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Last night ?

What channel, bit behind the times.

Ep last Sunday Mar. 3 was Part 1 of their Africa adventure to find the source of the Nile.

2013 Car of the Year awards are out...

VW Golf Mk7


A clear winner, more than twice the points of the runner up - GT86/BRZ




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better than driving a mazda luce

or a homy van

or bongo

oh the list goes on

least they didnt go the euro route and call it the nurburgring redbull vettel recaro special edition 30th anniversary or something. toyots has used rc models for a few things havent they? a few of the gt4s came in rc spec, equivalent to ra in soobies / rs mitsis / n1 nissans

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