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The "Hose 10" Mod - BE/BH


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This is not madness


In other news yes I don\'t see any reason not to do it. Like I said, the first time I looked I genuinely thought it was something some munter had done to the car, not how it came out of the box.

Soobie spinner - yeah pretty much, don\'t leave it open to vent. Just block it it / remove it outright (you can plug hose 10 right onto the inlet pipe, removing the little plastic T)

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 subypower said:

Will this mod work on a BG/BD twin turbo system?

We don\'t have a t connector from the bov to the intake so no.

The second gen turbo system is fairly different in hose layout (trust me, rebuilt my black box recently, although someone had done a delete on a solenoid in it so perhaps it\'s similar)

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And it\'s one people have been doing for years on these cars, one car seems to have a low idle, the remainder are all reporting much nicer cars to drive. I could have copy/pasted a guide someone did on here 2 or 3 years ago, or a dozen other places online.

Thanks for the productive advice mr mathers

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The one and only thing you do is block that hose which is teed off from the BOV vacuum hose

The one from the inner guard is the vent to atmosphere for your boost control solenoid - block that and you will have wastegate pressure as it won\'t be able to vent anything

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