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The CS 10+ year Veterans Club (Soon to be 20 years!


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  • Joker changed the title to The CS 10+ year Veterans Club (Soon to be 20 years!
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So ahh yeah 20 years ago around now was my 1st Track Day with ClubSUB @ Manfeild, Ronin won a Jacket & I scored a "Most improved" Wallet




that's about my memory of the day


so yeah was a bit nostalgic up in the Tower on the weekend watching FlatNATS '23 group taking off


back in the day I used to Hire the track under my  own name (maybe around 2006 or 7) and we did what we wanted pretty much


same for Taupo, though we did get told off for a DIrtbike hah

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Well this forum says I joined in 2009 but I definitely signed up on the old old forum, which is where I bought my old '96 GF8 that started this whole sillyness.


EDIT: Oh RIP just checked the plate and it was stolen back in 2018.

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