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    Shelly Bay Sprint yesterday. Only managed 10th place unfortunately. I haven't entered this event for 10 years and it's very technical with an unforgiving bite if you make a mistake. And I had my daughter on board and her mother would have killed me if I landed in the rocks below. That's all my excuses. Plus only 1 second separating 10th and 5th
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    Umm, on a scale of one to really, really stolen, how stolen is the car you've bought?
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    So I have been giving some thought over the weekend to why stock location turbos on Subarus always deliver relatively mediocre results. Why is it that turbos that routinely deliver 300wkw+ when installed in a rotated/twisted setup (i.e. GT/GTX3071R) get more like 250-260wkw when installed in the stock location? I believe the answer is all in the turbine housing. In order to retain "stock" fitment, the turbo cannot alter the relationship between the location of the uppipe flange and downpipe flange. This in turn forces the position of the turbine wheel; this is also forced by the location of the turbo's inlet having to go under the intake manifold. Because these locations are fixed, there is a hard limit on the size of the volute (the channel the exhaust gas takes through the turbine housing), which also limits the size of the turbine wheel. Furthermore, if you increase the size of the turbine wheel you take up space that is needed for the volute, so you just shoot yourself in the foot - either you have a big, high-flowing turbine wheel and feed it with a straw, or you open up the volute and then choke it at the turbine. This gets a little bit disguised by manufacturers claiming, for example, that their stock location GTX3071R has a 0.84AR turbine housing, but this is simply a ratio of two sections of the volute, it has nothing to do with the actual size of the housing. I guarantee you a bog standard Garrett T3 0.84AR housing for that turbo has a way, way larger cross-section. Twin-scroll does slightly resolve this, depending on the turbo, as you can have two volutes side-by-side and thus gain considerably more area. When you choke the exhaust flow you end up with high pre-turbine exhaust backpressure; I have a theory about this causing exhaust reversion at certain boost/EBP levels where the exhaust valve spring pressure isn't high enough to completely close the valve, causing knock and crap power. EDIT: Side note on why US cars seem to do better on stock location: completely aside from how half their dynos are just complete works of fiction, I believe that a lot of the US "stock location" turbos just completely ruin the position of the downpipe; something we can't do because of steering/brakes components in that area, and then they just don't talk about how none of the downpipe brackets line up any more and the midpipe fitment is a bit S***. I tried to install a US-spec "stock location" turbo once and the fitment was utterly S***. Feel free to tell me I'm dumb
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    Lots of rumbling on @ToomTom and @Niran's garage threads, about people's expectations and experiences with performance workshops. I feel like it's a conversation worth having, because clearly we all have somewhat different levels of expectation about what we'll get when we take our car to a specialist workshop. And I have some grumpy rants to have about it as well. Keep it constructive, I guess. My 2c: On the one hand, virtually every modified car is different. There will be slight variations from build to build that introduce unique differences that have to be allowed for when you setup/tune the car. On the other hand, these are "experts" and they usually charge like a wounded bull, so the service should be premium. Because of these variations in cars, things sometimes go wrong, or don't work as well as expected. So my number one rule for a workshop: communicate. Tell the customer what's going on. And for the love of all things Subaru, have your ducks in a row when you talk to them. Don't give them some wishy washy bullshit with 9 different things that you think it might be. You're professionals, damn it, with a workshop full of fancy diagnostic gear (including, probably, a dyno), so come and tell me what the issue is. Rule number two: Unless the customer is like "I'm coming to get the car", don't push it out the workshop door if it's running like a bag of balls. Generally people spend like 6 months or more building the car, a couple more days for you to iron out some little issues is nothing; the customer might be a little bit disappointed but if you follow rule #1 and have a concrete conversation about why you need the car longer they will be understanding. If you hang on to the car but fail at #1 you look incompetent. And so help me, if you have more than one car with the same issue, and you fix it on one car and don't fix it on the other, and then tell the owner of the second car that it's the same issue as another car that you already knew about but you didn't fix it on their car, you look incompetent. I've taken a car to get tuned, it had issues, the tuner nailed it down to a single factor, laid out my options, we made a decision on it, got it sorted. Easy. Seriously, I feel like I have had some sort of blessed experience with tuning. Drive/trailer the car in, leave it for a couple of days, drive it out.
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    300+ club stickers on the 3/4 window.
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    Not today, but Sunday... HVMC autox, placed 3rd out of a large field of 53 My fastest run for the day
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    @IZichard IMG_7949 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7982 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7918 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr IMG_7570 by Tim Bowman, on Flickr
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    After 2 years without a subie finally back in a leggy. Love the rumble
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    That we all have!! In other news. Slapped the new battery in because well its been 4 years minimum since the last one. It runs! It was a bit rough to start but once kicked over that was it. Took it for a quick little trip up the road to the petrol station to check the tyre pressures and all is well there. No longer is the RA unable to move under its own power! Finally she's alive Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    Second to last weekend in Wellington so decided to go for a “Sunday drive” around some of the bays in Wellington.
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    Hillclimb in Hawkes Bay on Saturday.
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    Bruh I don't think you fully understand how NZ's government works. But you're still pretty young (I think?) and I used to think pretty similarly to you so carry on, in a few years you'll start to look a bit more broadly and internets arguments aren't the place that will grow your political opinions in a good way IMO the only thing it has to do with the government is their inaction on regulating what is clearly a completely F***ed industry. I believe that the fuel companies know that the writing is on the wall, as part of Labour's ethos of "looking out for middle NZ" they are going to come down like a ton of bricks on the industry fairly soon and regulate the S*** out of them, so they are just making some extra money while they still can. If anyone believes the fuel companies aren't colluding on price, be it directly or through some wink-nudge-putthepriceup4c system, I have a bridge they may be interested in purchasing.
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    Why sell it? Because the cambelt info you were given wasn't accurate and it isn't due for 60,0000km. IMO I think you just drop it and enjoy the car, you liked it enough to buy it and your'e letting a little thing tarnish your whole opinion of the car.
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    Not my car, but we have successfully converted a facelift BP5 auto to a manual 6-speed! CANBUS still working, ready for a tune
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    Those taillights are nice! Picked up a new car for my Dad on the weekend, 2011 STI. Drove it back to Dunedin from Christchurch via Mt Cook, so had to get some photos of what I could in the crummy weather! Such a nice car to drive, and totally different to the A-Line STI we used to have!
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    Buy a standard v7 sti engine. Do fuel system, front mount and efr turbo with link. Will produce 300wkw and 500nm easy and should hit fill boost by 3800 ish
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    Used the CNC at uni to make fuel rail adaptors for putting phase 2 injectors on a phase 1 manifold. Installed some BP legacy 550cc sidefeeds & rails i got for $30 off trademe. Turned out pretty good.
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    I said fk it and bought a running WRX motor off my friend with new cambelt, tensioners and waterpump for $500. I'm going to slap it into the RA, shove as much e85 down its throat as I can and give it full send. I'm tired of not having a running RA. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    I would never have thought that a cambelt could taint someone's appreciation of their car. Finding badly repaired crash damage sure... finding rust, finding that the previous owner never changed to oil, finding a used condom down the back of a seat... but a cambelt that might or might not need changing???
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    After a maaaaassive mission today with @RaKid and @lowandy the fuel system is done, loom is in and plugged up, all the ancillaries are on the car, I've probably forgotten something and the car won't start tomorrow, but sh1t, it went from 40% done to 85-90% there. The big task of the day was mostly getting the fuel system in and done in the right places. It looks pretty dang cool. There will be more photos tomorrow as these were taken much earlier in the day of the progress, but not the finished item.
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    First wash of the new year! I'm surprised how good the carbon hood scoop looks considering it was a US$200 gamble on Amazon with free courier shipping from Taiwan. It's hard to see from the photos, but the depth of the carbon fibre in the sunlight looks amazing.
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    #6 is @pedro #8 another long time Member @newsuba and the 1st to be drawn & last to be counted is #17 ME LOL +1 = @SpeedySub any arguments? all 3 of you will at least get one of the ClubSUB Stickers I had made I have a couple of Bridgestone Drinkbottles and Caps each and I think @SpeedySub deserves a Calender (when they arrive) as that's what I initially promised Sample Image (My cap is a little worn & faded I know I have 2x at home) @SpeedySub if I could have some delivery details PM'd & NewSuba and Pedro I can drop off
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    Feedback just received from LVVTA: As far as we can see they are legal to be fitted and do not require certification. I have asked around the office, gone through our standards and can find no mention of it, nor can I find any mention of it in the Wof VIRM which would suggest there are no current regulations about it. A quick Google shows a company in Wellington that fits them. May be worth contacting them about it :Obsessive Vehicle Security Although I can find no regulations, it unfortunately doesn’t mean there aren’t any hiding in an obscure place. At least there will need to be some thought put into the installation/operation to avoid things like it starting in gear or with the bonnet open to a reduce the risk to people. Hope this helps. Regards
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    Last Saturday lolgtr ran a 10sec pass at meremere. It’s a 95 Wrx sti running a built motor, 6 speed, r180 setup, gt3582, road tuned on pump gas. Finally a Subaru to compete with the fast evos and mitsi’s. https://www.facebook.com/LOLGTR/photos/a.1803500459769689/2028193253967074/?type=3
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    Used the tow bar on the wife’s outback for a change
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    Recents of my new BL5 Legacy sedan in Manual i absolutely love her!
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    Nothing too wild, waxed the fk out of it and new tyres fitted. Michelin Pilot Sport 4, if anyone cared.
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    Dropped my WRX off to @SAS for some lovin' - VF30 upgrade - STi manifold + Pink Injectors - 3 Port MAC valve - Genome muffler fitment (Thanks @hunter951 ) - A retune!! - Some Dixcel ES pads all around
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    Unfortunately the cars covered in all the dirt driving from Auckland to Queenstown will bring, but I think they're good photos none the less
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    Teaser... @Andy_Mac
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    I went out for a Saturday drive to somewhere I haven't been before and took this
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    Almost deserves a name and shame. Not because of $ but because of the principle.
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    Relaxing Sunday drive up a small hill.
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    So other than my random purchases of the day, at lunch I went down to BD Motorsport and got the blow off valve welded on! Looks blimmen good if I don't mind saying so myself. Also check out the size of this turbo!!! Huuuuuuge Garrett. Can literally put my whole hand in the intake it's so large. Couple shots of how I've got the fuel system stacked in there. it's a bit tight and could do with some more alignment but for the time being it'll do well.
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    So my Japan shipment arrived, so satisfying installing these parts haha did a photo shoot recently too
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    Well, good news is good. The RA is running again after 2 years. Took a while to hunt down and fix the random niggly issues like the fuel leaks and small wiring issues that turned out to be nothing. Its running on full e85 which is awesome. Narrowband sensor doesn't cut the mustard though as expected haha. So wideband will go in tonight, as will the fuel pressure sensor and I'll try sort ethanol content sensor too Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    Apologies to everyone that didnt make it, it was pretty tough Overall i tried to keep a range of years and models and (as best i could) the seasonal scenery matching the months! not enough older legacies, cmon having watermarks in images makes it really difficult to crop to the right size as when i needed to crop some the watermarks became off center. having images 'too zoomed in'/the car is right at the edge of the image means it may not survive cropping you have a popular year/model in this round of submissions and just got beat everyone loves ass but sometimes a frontal is a good thing Next year we can get the real ratio for the image required - the vistaprint system is a bit of a C***, its a weird size.
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    The new stead Will post interior photos later 2007 3.0 Outback Push button start, some sort of nav/entertainment system I need to figure out or replace later. Loving the smoothness of the engine, si drive as well. Also has reversing camera. Will start a thread on it, but for the he next year she is going to stay stock. Make way for the 'Silver Surfer/shadow'
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    Just a little bit of extra torque with the properly tunable new ECU...
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    Confimed purchase of two post clear floor hoist and compressor..Sweeeeeeet..
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    Took the RS for a few laps at Levels Raceway for the 4 & Rotor South Island Champs, I think the pictures tell me I need to do a bit of suspension work....
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    Yea I get that, and possibly one day two years ago they did promise something.. and if that is something they want to honour then awesome.. and I will mention it to them.. But I also get that running a performance based business in NZ is not the easiest job.. and that most of us here can spare $80 to have a go on a dyno. It will cost y'all more than that just to fill your car with 98 on your way to the Dyno.. I'm also reaching out to other shops to get competitive pricing.. you would hope PBMS as our sponsor can do something special for us. Nah, do it in the heat of summer.. if the car holds together and makes good power it only gets better in winter.
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    Installed Whiteline Anti Lift Kit, Sway bar Bushes, Group N Engine mounts, painted intercooler black (one side only), took off front bar that sits below the grill and got it primed and painted black. Group N mounts are pretty nice. Start up motor and give it a quick rev and engine barely moves. Only been up and down the road so far and it needs alignment so cant comment on much else atm. As long as the Black intercooler stays somewhat black I think it looks good. Big silver intercooler takes your eye off the car mainly because it doesn't work well with blue imo. Still definitely visible to anyone who cares . (yes bumper doesn't fit atm)
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    Had a visit from Mr courier man with a few new bits to go onto the car in the near future. Radium AOS from @mlracing.co.nz and a STI shiftknob from @Individualities
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    Hi guys just though id show off my new ride! so its a 2005 STI Forester recently aquired from Ajay @Subirex Automotive thanks to Ajay and his team he did an awesome job of getting it ready for me on time! once it was finished it went to @PBMS they manged to get a safe but very satisfying 208KW ATW out of it - few pics below of her on her drive down to Nelson!
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    Got sent to Australia for a half day event, got bored in the afternoon so went and got a process west intercooler to fill in the time
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    I had a wicked day yesterday, thanks to all those who made it, good yarns were had, good food d=from Tui HQ, and an awesome battle at the karting. Subaru Karts The winners podium Fastest Laps
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    It will be a better sump/baffle design. Or the fact that the BRZ has no power and can't get up enough speed for high Gs