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Poll : Tyres 2015 What are you running?

Whats on your Ride?  

91 members have voted

  1. 1. Whats on your Ride?

    • Kingstars
    • Pirelli's
    • Toyo's
    • Linglong
    • Bridgestone
    • Falken
    • GT Radial
    • Goodyear
    • Nankangs
    • Zetum

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Not whats best rah rah rah Post what you have, no option, post it up & I'll try to add it

any vehicle you own not just your subbie

Max 10 options so I'll trim the least popular

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heh yea i figured that on two differnt cars

just make 'voting' tricky, worth adding B1 & B2?

& I'm pretty sure the blue streaks I have are Bridgestone anyway so kinda nul/void option yea?

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 wrx_lou said:
Goodyear REVSPEC RS02's

added Goodyear, that's the limit of 10 options unless there s a switch behind the scenes to up it

I'll start dropping off the lowest voted options if we need to add new ones

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On the Vers3 I ran Goodyear Eagle F1, great tyre in all conditions. Done 35,000's on them and still got 5mm tread left.

On the Vers8, I've got Yokohama (no idea what) and Zetum sports on the rear.

I'll be probably going for a full set of Zetum's as at the moment I don't see the need get a $$$ set. If money allowed, I'd probably try the Bridgestrone RE003.

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Attempting to wear current Nankangs as rapidly as possible due to godawful howl at motorway speeds and miserable wet grip (I didn't pick them, dealer fitted a full set).

Will be switching to Hankook or Falken because employee discount.

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