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    So we have put new turbo on and didn't quite crack 500wkw as ran out of fuel pumps. Have designed a new setup of headers and mounting turbo in front of cam covers with this coming on to full boost at 3800rpm ish. Absolutely mental when it hits boost as torque skyrockers. Gotasuby - 479.76wkwModel: 2002 V7 STI GDBDisplacement: 2.35lMods: S366 Turbo, ID1700@55psi base. ported heads, cams, fmic, 3.5" exhaust, DW300 FP, G4+, front mounted turbo. Fuel: E75Tuner: Me/SAS 
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    Did stage 1 of the big legacy clean today. Hasn’t had a proper clean for about 1 year as I was living in Wellington CBD and they have nothing decent in welly to wash cars. Love my snow foam Looks like I killed something with my wheels [emoji23]
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    These are pretty good to avoid speeding tickets
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    Clean sheeted the Type RA. She is now road legal for the first time in just over two years Also bought rego. Because that’s needed and yeah lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh boy have I got a deal for you. Have you heard of the SuperCooler? If if you call now, we’ll throw in a free exhaust Venturi!! but wait there’s more! With lots of extensive testing on a virtually stock legacy being thrown around Puke, we definitely know this is worth it!!1one!1 Yours for only 10 easy payments of $99.99 as well as your liver and first born! Call now! (If you don’t understand your too young in CS time) In the past people have run the WTAC pump from the RS with a seperate header tank for the turbo and have dropped 10 degrees on the track, pretty sure it was Funky/Sl8r that did it years ago.
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    Before with it’s different colour guards and no bumper To this now. So very happy with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don't try and increase the power... you have a 1.5 with no turbo, so it's going to be very hard to increase the power. I personally would not spend any money on it... just drive it the way it is and enjoy it.
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    not quite today but: Tuesday - dropped off car, collected loan vehicle. today, drove said loan vehicle to and from work. 2009 mitzi outlander. its not that bad, but not something i'd go and buy, that's for sure. next Friday I either pick up my car completed, or I get grumpy. on another note, finally back at work, half way through my second week back, concussions suck. Daytona fairings are on their way, bike tank has been changed, bikes all fixed short of wrapping it up in plastics. leathers have been cleaned and inspected, they have a couple of scuffs but are still good. alpinestars makes some good kit! its good to have progress on the car, its been an 18 month saga, hopefully drawing to a close next friday
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    Tried to use my mx5 like a subaru. Didnt go very well but it was a lot of fun.
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    I figured out the weird single wire switching door locks on my Wagon and wired in a door lock/unlock remote and also some funky immobilisation that I won’t be specific about. I also received a Fenix alloy “race” radiator. The stock one still holds pressure and maintains temp but it looks old and tired. I had a premonition that it was going to explode on the way up the ski field this season and leave me stranded. I doubt the Fenix will perform any better as the car never got hot before but it will be nice to not have 19 year old plastic radiator in there.
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    New acquisition, absolutely loving it. 2008 spec B 6sp Manual, with a few STi GeNOME goodies
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    Changed the oil and filter on the Legacy today first time I done it on the BR9 gen 5 myself normally gets taken to crowes as I don’t have time but managed to fit it in and got a good look at the new Low mount turbo setup they used for the Gen 5 legacy’s. I have had twin turbo legacy before and ej20 turbo forester so used to the turbo and intercooler setup on a normal Subaru but this was different Turbo sits in front of the engine right at the bottom by the exhaust headers which come out and join under the oil pan. They then pass through hot section and straight to the exhaust. I was also pleasantly surprised at how clean it all was under the car!
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    Old 101 the strand I crashed a car meet for this, was pretty awkward snapped 3 fast pics then left quickly New Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If anything, start collecting tools, jacks, axle stands etc, start learning to maintain it yourself, you’ll save a lot, and learn a lot. Then when you get a turba it’ll be even easier
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    Right. I can go into details now. In short, im not covered for this as i wasn't the one driving and being under 25 anyone else under the age of 25 isn't covered. It hurts but i understand where the insurance company is coming from. At current im $510 down for glasses that went flying and tomorrow i have to get the car out of the tow yard which will set me back another $1378. The girl who was driving has agreed to pay for the car and all the damages but has told me that i wont get the money for months or she will have to pay me weekly. Her next offer which im yet to take is to take her car ( A manual, turbo MR2) as payment for my car and im trying to get her to pay for the towing as well, which again will be a weekly instalment thing so im not impressed as im the one out of pocket. but we are lucky that i managed to get out relatively unharmed and her with a small cut on the shoulder and a concussion. As to what happened in order to cause the damage, she wasnt paying attention and as we came around the bend she noticed we were going into the other lane and yanked the steering wheel to the left and smacked the brakes. All 4 wheels locked up and we understeered into a bank which sent the car airborne and we rolled a few times. Im surprised that neither the ABS or the airbags worked. As for those wanting to help, just do me the favour of checking your insurance is up to date and allows other drivers, and keep yourselves safe. This has been a very eye opening experience for me and i dont want more people getting into this sort of trouble like i did. Oh, and if anyone sees a facelift, manual twin turbo legacy for sale thats relatively cheap, let me know. it would be such a waste of my ST kit if i bought something else.
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    Dropped in to see my local suspension guy at Race Shock Specialist,Penrose.They are now the NZ distributor for MCA Suspenion.They currently have a small range in stock.
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    Hi all Just had a minor forum software update to Invision Community v4.4.3, nothing should be too different to users. Release notes can be viewed here: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/443-r84/ Please post any issues here if they arise.
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    Actually modified it! First real mod, a 20mm white line rear sway bar Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
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    In things I actually did today, oil and filter on the Legacy, and 4 out of 6 of the spark plugs. All the clips on the passenger side are really brittle, after the front one broke the clip off and I had to ziptie the plug onto the coil (arghhhhhhh!) I decided it was a S*** job anyway and I will pay someone to do the remaining 2 plugs. EDIT: I also eyeballed the STI and made turbo noises in my head.
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    I think we would all concur with this statement. If you want more performance start saving and buy another car one day. You won't really get any value for money out of this one. Enjoy the Subaru life with a decent fuel bill while you can!
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    Did a clean/polish/buff/rain x today.
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    Finally bit the bullet and got myself some flares coming from the UK, it was that or wide-body...been 10 years going back and forwards on the two. Also ordered a origin-labo gt wing and grabbed a turbosmart BOV to replace my very old/crappy greddy bov... Now just gotta send it off for a re-tune in the mean time and get the last of the gremlins sorted. Then lastly figure out what wheels will fit...
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    Fark me... I take stuff like that very personally as someone who's been in two fairly serious crashes less than a year apart. Glad you/others are all good though, that's the most important part.
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    The last oil change the old girl will be getting with an EJ20...
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    Its good to see the lowered Outback community is still living. I've still got mine, since the new tyres its been pretty comfortable. Rim: 18x8.75 20p. Tyre: 225/50/18
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    Still got it and still love it
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    Finished the install on my front mount. Since the photo I’ve trimmed and got my fender liners sorted out.
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    So I finally got round to putting my boot on the legacy’s as the old one was proper buggered! Yuuuck. Definitely hadn’t had a clean under here for a LOOOOOOONG time Nice and clean now Time to get the new tailgate on it! Aaaand all done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nothing with a Legacy badge except the original RS-RA will ever be a "classic", far too many of them were just used as the family runabout and they don't have any sort of (well known) racing pedigree to make them desirable. The rarer ones like the S401 will always hold some novelty value to Subaru enthusiasts, but the humble Rev D will never be any more classic than a XR6 Falcon or a Honda Accord.
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    Stop it... You're making me feel bad for only giving mine the odd bi-monthly Meguiar’s wash n wax for the last two years.......
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    Package arrived this morning from Sobanoodle, brought some Cusco braces that he had fitted to his old BR9 legacy. Managed to install the rear brace front one for another day. That combined with the whiteline sway bar will keep the back end nice and tight.
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    from snz https://www.subaru.co.nz/promotions/legacy-sti-experience it's largely $5k of sti performance cosmetic bits 'n pieces. one item that stands out as a potential cause of your bounciness is the "STI embossed supersized 19" alloy wheels and Yokohama tyres". the snz photo shows a Yoko BluEarth A. this is a crappy eco tyre, it has no place on a sporty car ! check the tyre pressures, wheel alignment. gut feeling is poor tyre choice. it's a shame to see the RS and STI badges used this way
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    This ^^ No question the Uniden R7 is the top of the heap with a range 500m more than anything else. But the main advantage is directional capability, which I really miss having switched from a 24 year old V1 to an R3NZ. The R3 is great though and will be significantly cheaper than the R7, and thus in second place. Here's my clip on the R3:
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    Back to the circuit after the offroadin stint the other week. Had a bunch of issues with 5th gear, need to do the bushes and whatnot so I dont have so much play in each gear. Half a second slower than my PB last year. And the not so good bit of the day...
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    Stage 2 of legacy clean today. Cut and polish to bring back that white pearl shine!
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    Got photos from mechanic of engine going into the hole. Must say, Mantic twin plate clutches are freaking gorgeous
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    Feel free to throw up a garage thread for the Mazda. Not kicking you out just cause you sold the best Legacy ever made 😜
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    It’s for when you’re in full Need for Speed Underground mode and in a police chase, arrow says they’re in front? Better slow down, behind? Speed up, left? Turn right. Just gotta hope you don’t get a 5 star wanted level, that’s when s*** get cereal
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    Found the official Subaru way from one of the service manuals. It's a bit vague but should push you in the right direction. I've attached the other relevant pages needed to complete some of the steps. Good luck...
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    Took it for a *NOT* Sunday drive I'm gonna miss the hell out of this car. The S401 is a truly special machine
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    Currently on a bus heading to Christchurch to pick up the new wagon.
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    Recently just bought this BP5. So stoked!
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    Definitely check to see if the airbag has been done. Subaru NZ are working with Subaru Japan to recall all imported Subarus that are affected. https://www.subaru.co.nz/takata
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    thats what forum hook ups are for! Chur & I shared this on our FB page too
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    Yeah I had the 2.0 tho. I agree its not worth modifying too much as its only a 1.5. A nice set of wheels and tyres is definitly an option though. If you want it lowered you can put in some lowering springs but it won't make it handle better and may spoil the ride quality. If you dont have a rear sway bar i have a stock 2.0 one which came with my car of your interested. Im Unsure if they will bolt on but someone else will know. I replaced my muffler with a straight pipe which my mate did. Gave it a bit of a noise. Doesnt sound as good as the turbo versions tho. Most of all, enjoy it. I had so much fun in my one Edit: when you get bored of it, buy a wrx and the possibilities are endless however this could be the start of many bad monetary decisions
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    4th and blew up gearbox up at just over 420kw and swapped it out and went back to dyno
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    IMO if you want to sell something on ClubSub but don't update it or reply then that's the member's responsibility. If you forget, then login and realise that it has been archived, it can be unarchived by a mod via the report post request. Will definitely create a pinned post for Buy/Sell/Trade topic rules.
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    I am not 100% sure to be honest with you, I think it was the overall picture. I have been through about 9 Honda's and this is my second Subaru. After owning my first (95 WRX) I just loved the feeling of them, They are great cars to jump in and drive day to day, you have torque when you want it and boost when you want also. I find the interiors from the later models up in WRX's really nice as well. Plus the AWD is so much fun!
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    Hey there fellow Subie owners, Anyone heading out for drag wars tonight?