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Dumb Question Thread!


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It's OBD2 compliant, but not tuneable/reflashable till rev d/version 7. Kwi_fozze knows the ins and outs of it.

I have an OBD2 cable and SSM software for my rev B/Version 6 STI ECU. I can read and clear codes and monitor sensors but can only change idle, base timing etc.

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 94 Leone said:
And if you get a cheap bluetooth dongle you can't do ****. It doesn't know how to talk to JDM stuff.

not exactly nothing really to do with the dongle or that it is JDM more to do with how obd2 compliant the vehicle is.

I have a "cheap" bluetooth adapter and it reads "true" obd2 stuff brilliantly, works so far on a 2012 merc sprinter 313,2008,2009,2012 toyota hiace,2014 toyota rav4 wont work on my 2005 hilux nor our 2003 landcruiser

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Cheep adapters use (normally) a knock off or copy ELM327 chip, which simply can not understand the SSM protocol that jdm subarus use. International spec is fine (because 'murica emmissions testing requirements) but the jap market could do as they please. SSM actually polls faster than odb2 and the content is different to what the ELM327 chip can decipher.

Have seen a jdm and usdm subaru sat next to each other, used the same logger settings, same cable (tactrix) under same test conditions, jdm still polled info smooth and fast with something like 25 parameters selected wheras the usdm one started getting glitchy

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 boon said:
Apply brake extremely lightly, feel/listen for it going skish skish skish

I'm betting wheel bearing.

Ah bugger. Will wheel bearing noise be there sometimes and not others and go away under braking?

It definitely disappears under braking in all situations.

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Noticed a bit of a squeak from the rear end yesterday when cornering. Did a couple of rapid back n forth turns once on a straight bit of road to try replicate it, dedinately from rear passenger side, did it a few times then went away.

Got home and had a look underneath to see whats up and found the sway bar was way off centre and the bush must have been rubbing on the bars bend. Worth worrying about or just something that happens from time to time?

Thinking of geting a thicker whiteline one at some point and will get some of the bar clamps at that point to hold it all together.

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Hey guys, any idea what this means?

When i click the odometer stick with the car off i can toggle beetween 1-on and 5-on? Sounds like a locking thing but i cant work out what it does and googeling hasnt helped. Mainly just curious, can anyone help?


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 uwa8nc said:
Hey guy's where's the best place to buy an aftermarket fuel pump from? For a reasonable price?..

Would this be good enough for a V7 STI? : http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/fuel-systems/auction-797224874.htm

Let me know, as i need one for my Re-Flash.

Cheers :).

Buy a walbro off fortyone on here heaps cheaper.

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