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Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ chatter/NEWS here!!!!!

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For those that are interested. Some specs/ Options have been leaked from Toyota

Ive just finished reading all 23 pages so far... Very interesting

Ive just copy and pasted all from ft86 club forum.


Heres the jist of things


Scion FR-S / FT-86 / Subaru BRZ Specs and Options Revealed! 200hp / 151 lb-ft tq

Scans from a training manual.


HP: 147kw (200ps) / 200hp @7000rpm

Torque: 205nm (151 lb/ft) @ 6600rpm


2662 ponds (1210kg) for base manual (~ 2580 lbs dry weight)

2706 pounds for higher trim manual


First 2 column are for "small FR sport", column 1 is a higher spec model, column 2 is a lower spec model. 3rd column is Mx5/Miata, 4th is RX8 and last is CRZ. It's a comparison chart.

Top Section:

The top section is the dimension in mm, length width height wheelbase, ground clearance then number of seats. Next is weight.

Top spec manual is 1230kg, auto is 1250kg.

Low spec manual is 1210kg, auto is 1230kg.

Then its turning radius.

High spec rides on 17" wheels and low spec on 16.

Second Section:

This section is engine. Boxer 4 DOHC, 1998cc. Output as listed on 1st post above. Drinks premium unleaded and 50L fuel tank.

Fuel consumption base model:

13 km/l

30.58 mpg

49.21 kmg

Fuel consumption top model:

12.4 km/l

29.17 mpg

46.94 kmg

Third Section:

This section is front engine/rear drive, transmission type, suspension type, brake then tyre size.

High spec brakes: ventilated discs front and rear.

Low spec brakes: ventilated front, non ventilated rear.

Last Section:

Last section is equipment which is not that easy to understand. First thing I notice is top spec has LSD for manual and auto while low spec only has LSD on manual. I'll post more if I can read more.

More update:

Both spec have VSC, front passenger and front and rear curtain bags. Top spec has front LED, leather steering wheel, 6 speakers audio (low spec has 2 speakers), white rev counter with shift light and sport pedals. Top spec also has "smart entry and start".


Strut front, double wishbone rear suspension

Base halogens, optional HIDs on base trim, standard HIDs on high trim

LSD on all MT cars

Stability control standard

Only 2 speaker audio on base car

High Spec:

Has "high-quality fabric" (上級ファブリック).

Option for leather heated seats with Alcantara inserts.

Steel door sill insert / scuff plate (ステンレス製ドアスカッフプレート)

Interior metallic door handle inserts

Carbon fiber center console trim

Door courtesy light

Knee pad on console

The "Customize Grade" at the bottom is interesting:

the "customize grade" bare bones model is 1190 kg !!

Unpainted bumper

16 steelies (says ornament-included, guessing it includes the logo)

plastic steering wheel

NO A/C (only a heater)

Power door locks

Sunvisor (no vanity mirror)

No speakers

the car in fact does require premium unleaded gas (無鉛プレミアム)

the rear seat is one piece and is foldable (一体可動式)

did anyone mention that the high spec model comes with a digital speedo and tachometer? (デジタルスピードメーター revメーター)

Here are translated charts (by our members Spaceywilly and dimension6!!)



Training manual images:



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[quote name='We are borg said:

yup it looks all good :)

now lets turbo the farker and do skids :P


you wont need skids with 200ps and the weight.

The million dollar question for me is: cost.

hopefully it comes with no stereo or aircon option, and wind up windows / mirrors etc.. so it keeps cost down ;D

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Think the base manual option should in theory come like that.

IMO the specs they should have had:

-track-wind up windows no aircon, manual etc

-street - electrics, leather and driver aids, manual

-nana- as above with auto

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 ODB said:

Think the base manual option should in theory come like that.

IMO the specs they should have had:

-track-wind up windows no aircon, manual etc

-street - electrics, leather and driver aids, manual

-nana- as above with auto

I know that the toyota model comes with a real basic model available. Like black plastic bumpers, bare steelie wheels and rubber steering wheel basic!

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