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Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ chatter/NEWS here!!!!!

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I saw those wheels and thought it must have been a photoshop joke of some sort. Surely.

That's for the RA which, like the Toyota GT 86 RC, strips out extras like air conditioning, stereo, fog lamps, alloys and even the plastic engine cover to offer tuners a blank canvas to work with. That also means 16-inch steel wheel as standard, however, unlike Toyota, Subaru does generously pre-paint the bumpers front and rear

Guess that makes sense.. i'd prefer it came with nicer wheels that you could sell off if you wanted to to fund your new ones!

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until used imports start flowing in

The two-plus-two coupe for both countries is now undergoing Australian design rule approval. Next step is the Australasian new car assessment programme, where it will be crash-tested.

uhoh : bad feeling here : whatever Aussie "approve" we may get :/ lets have a Minute of silence now

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 TURTLE said:

I was looking at this as a viable option when the rumour was 30-35k New. Which unfortunatly was always going to be underestimated.

30-35 might have been achievable if NZ buyers weren't obsessed with full fruit cars.

Looks like it's going to be mid-high 40's now.

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awesome, lol at the comments, people whining about '200bhp for a super car- what a joke.' etc, clearly dont realise that's N/A and that much from a 2L N/A is bloody hussing. pfft, the ignorance.

The BRZ has way better lines than the GT-86, it doesn't look as lumpy.

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