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Dear God, why????  

Are you assuming genders?!? It's 2017! You can't do that anymore!

LOL that is something i would do if i had the money and personality to match (so its probably just as well i don't haha). i'm really impressed, i'm going kind of low key with my things but this guys t

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22 hours ago, G B said:

Dear God, why????





wow with the number plate and all haha. now that's taking the 'poor mans ferrari' reputation of the  MR2 close to the limit.. have seen worse though. knew a guy in the mr2 club (i used to have one too, but it was secretly a batmobile obviously not a ferrari) who spent 50k+ to get custom bodykit for his one to make it look more like the 355. unfortunately it was with the stock engine so it sounded and drove nothing like it. would love to have a real 355 one day, was my childhood dream car


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6 hours ago, Berg said:


Soooo, I too thought it was photoshop, until I came across this video of a Supra. 

Could be real!?

LOL love this guys commentary, that british accent just adds further to the comedy. bit outraged about that supra tho, what the heck was he thinking, even crazy 3000hp beasts do not need this level of tyre /spews

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