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Dear God, why????  

Are you assuming genders?!? It's 2017! You can't do that anymore!

LOL that is something i would do if i had the money and personality to match (so its probably just as well i don't haha). i'm really impressed, i'm going kind of low key with my things but this guys t

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Damn that sits so far forward.


I find the newer maloo/fpv/hsv etc that have stickers stating how many HP they make over the top. Like it was cool when they had 351, Hemi 6, 440, decals etc but I just find "585hp" or "351hp" pure w**k factor. Partly because I don't really like v8s, because my car makes less power, and it's just egotistical. Wouldn't catch a Japanese car with stated hp figures on the sides. 


Also sticker packs from eBay, one guy had yokohama/Bridgestone and many other tyre brands all on his late model crx haha 


Edit: cos I don't have a pic of said v8, I'll upload this instead. Really not that bad if he's just trolling. Which I think he is hahaIWUd9um.jpg

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the w**k numbers on those cars is actually part of the car model name.


most modern audis have had their motors way out over the front axle line too.

but euros have long lost the plot with model numbers.

where once they told how big a motor was now they are either nostalgic eg. c63 or seemingly meaningless eg. x5 m40.


meanwhile, is a jimny dressed up to look like an amg g-wagen crime or not ?

i kinda like it...



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this might be an actual crime https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/tyres/listing-2623382725.htm


"Brand new Tyres"


nearly 20 years old (never been used)




mind you I am thinking about grabbing them for the WRX should it ever head back to the track LOL


and to Elaborate for those confused : Tires do have a 'date code' stamped in them, barely visible in the listing, but its there




On 6/05/2020 at 11:21 AM, kws said:

Looks like 495, so 4th week of 1995



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10 hours ago, swamp said:



FYI when link expires, Jap Spares selling a tatty nardi gc/gf steering wheel for $345. Knew it was their listing before I even checked. 


Holy crap, i'm sitting on a goldmine!



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