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What have you done to your car today?

Guest keltik

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[quote name='Simon C said:

I had a sexy blonde promo girl lean over my car in a skimpy blue dress, and let me take photos. :)


Haha let me guess Gabi down at Hampton Downs ;) she was a hottie ;):D

Ah so was that your car Simon that was parked over near the wall of the Gymkhana pad?

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Guest vf20/21bg5
 Johnnynz said:

Picked up new car saturday...


No particular plans with it at this point beyond handsfree kit and losing the hideous tail lights,replace with tinted Lexus items.

thats a funny looking subaru :o;) , nice car never-the-less :-*
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  • General Member

Its just a work car atm, deal is when I increase displacement or force induction company stops paying for it... The day will come eventually no doubt but not for a while.

I have a few mates with lots of 1UZ into all sorta shit experience so it will probably go that way tbh.

Got it for a steal so its worth it for now.

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Last couple of days.

Converted Pl0xs Phase 1 gearbox from 4wd to no wheel drive..(Didnt click we had a phase 2 welded centre diff for the phase one casing = wrong). Then swapped the complete transfer case with a phase 2 one and the welded centre.. Procceded to start and drive up the road by the time we got to 3rd gear was making some terrible noises...Was fun while it lasted.

Good luck controlling your car CP93MM this hasnt been full power tuned and only has vf22, link g4 etc and in the dry lost traction in a straight line as soon as it hits boost in 1st and 2nd....

Albeit something in there is now fucked, (suspect the bearings on the transfer case) grrrr so out it comes tonight and swap back to phase 1 transfer case and get the phase 1 CD cut and welded today...

GOod times

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Well I spent the evening getting up close and personal with my block and new internals. Have to remove the squirters as they hit the skirts on the pistons but my new rods have the wee "squirter" grooves unlike the eagles I used to have which I've decided I like better anyway.

Then I gave up and stood around watching the guys pulling the dogbox out of the Fiesta as its time for a freshen up. That thing is nearly as bad as working on an EVO!

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Finally my car is running again, Have had the exhust redone with new flanges and a 3' flexy put on. New turbo set up on, all new oil feed lines are in and all new engine mounts have bin put in!!

Need a new project to stick this old T3T4 turbo on....... ::) ::)

All I need now are Some nice 18's with some extreme offset!

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 pl0x said:

i don't really see the point of two boost settings unless you got uncontrollable power (traction issues). I would just change to high anytime i wanted to boost or overtake anyway haha

factor.in what the boost means. Mine is [email protected] and [email protected] Its been said before,for me low boost is quite simply less chance of hitting someone in the city... The car even at 200 is plenty to fast on a.close ratio box.

Fuel economy doesn't even factor

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