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 DacerX said:
dam i really like that.......dammit i know what im doing on my 3 day weekend

They were 17x8 an 17x9. When you reverse mount the faces you get slightly more lip and the nuts bolt to the shell rather than the face and is so much more cleaner look. I spent hours getting my LM's looking like that. Professionally got shells polished and machined and re-did the faces with new paint. Then sold them!!! Biggest mistake of my life!

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 GC8E2DD said:
Nice! Got some STi wheels on there? I think it counts as a Legacys awkward uncle from its mothers side.

yep yep.. Set of STI wheels off Millers Ver9.. Wrapped with the RE070's.. they look awesome. Added bonus is they keep her nice n stable.

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