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Fuel economy in your Subaru


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Car : 2002 Legacy Blitzen TT

Tuned : Tuned, downpipes, FMIC, 18 PSI.  200awkw.

Fuel : Mobil 98 or Gull F10.

Fuel economy : AVG: 11l/100kmm, Open road: 9l/100km, City: 12l/100km.


Car : 2006 BMW M5

Tuned : Stock, 373kw

Fuel : Mobil 98

Fuel economy : AVG: 20//100km, best: 13.5l/100km, worst 26l/100km.  AVG 300-350km per tank, worst 225km.


Car : 2007 BMW 130i

Tuned : Stock, 195kw

Fuel : Any 95+

Fuel economy : AVG: 10l/100km


Legacy and 130i are pretty good on gas.  M5 is horrendous in town.

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Car: 2008 jdm sti

Tuned: stock engine (cute little factory turbo. Should be painted pink like the manifold. Missed marketing by Subaru there)

Fuel: BP 98

Fuel economy:

7.8L/100km highway (akl-ham, roadworks and traffic)

10.8L/100km back roads (some boost and passing)

14.4L/100km pushing 8/10th on twisty roads (25-35 marked corners, gorges and mountain pass.)

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Car : 2009 Legacy BR Wagon, 2.5L NA

Tuned or stock?: Stock

Fuel : 95 from wherever's cheapest.. normally Mobil

Fuel economy : Open road driving: 7.5L / 100km (13km / L) City: 9 - 9.5L / 100km (10.5 - 11km / L)

Fuelly stats if known :  Haven't been using Fuelly, but maybe I should


My economy stats are based on before I installed my roof racks & cycle carriers. Road trip from Auck - Welly consumed 44.41L for 630km = 7.04L / 100km. My next trip was with the racks installed and a bike on the roof - 24.95L for 279km = 8.94L / 100km... quite a difference!


I'm going to test this out again on my next couple of road trips - to Tauranga with 2 bikes on the roof... then again to Rotorua with everything taken off, and see how they compare.


EDIT: The other thing I neglected to mention, was that I've also changed my wheels and tyre size from when I got it. It did have 17" rims, now it has 19" rims with a higher circumference tyre, so that will also be affecting the gas mileage.

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Car : 2007 Impreza S-GT

Tuned: Stock tune (most likely running rich then) 

Fuel : NPD 100 Octane

Fuel economy : 9.1km/L town driving. Open road uhhh.. Taking it from Invercargill > Nelson and back so will make a record hahah. 
60L tank i think so easy 550km to a tank. 
Fuelly stats if known : Should maybe start using it aye

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Car: 08 Forester  XT (SH) 5sp Manual

Tuned: ECU reprogrammed by Xtreme Tuning 

Fuel: 95  as recommended.

Tank not sure... about 55 I think

Tyres; Hankook Optimo 415

Fuel economy: Daily commuting from Hutt Valley to Newtown Wellington is avg 12.1 km/l; long trips on the open road I have hit an avg of 16.5/l; towing the caravan... 7.6!


Car: 95 SVX 4sp auto

Tuned: Stock 

Fuel: 95  as recommended.

Tank 70 litres

Tyres; stock 

Fuel economy: I would guess around 10 per km/l

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Car : 05 BL5 GT Legacy

Tuned : Basic re flash for down pipe and air filter (still retains speed limiter)

Fuel : Gull Force 10

Tank: ~60L ish

Fuel economy : 7.6L/100kmish long trips

11L/100kmish town drving 

Fuelly stats if known : 12.7km/l normal long trip have seen up to 13.4km/l nan driving and usually around 9km/l town driving. Averages 600km per tank town and city driving from full to the last 1/8th of the tank before the fuel light comes on(dont like running it lower). 

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Car: 2007 BP5 JDM Legacy GT (SI Drive Auto)

Tune: Stock

Fuel: Allied 95 when in Christchurch. NPD 95 when in Hokitika

Tank: 63L on spec sheet. Haven't run it empty for a more accurate number because turbo.

Fuel Economy: 10L/100km around town (I live rural so don't do much actual town driving). 8.5-9L/100km on longer trips. I did achieve 8.4L/100km when I took delivery of the car, and did a leg between Taupo and Palmerston North (bought it in Auckland and drove it down to Hokitika over 2 days).


I find the trip meter to be pretty accurate on my car. I confirmed it recently by having done 195km on 17L with 11.2km/L on the dash display. Gives a 0.2L/100km difference.


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Happy new year!


Car : 2008 Infiniti G37S (Nissan 'Skyline' 370gt)

Tuned bone stock

Fuel : Mobile 98

Fuel economy (from Fuelly) : 9.6L/100km


Seems lot of the wagons are not so far off, in many cases better.


Been on few big road trips lately and all i can see is it would be nice to have a more practical car than this coupe lol. Going away for long vacation soon but when I'm back in March i'll be seriously looking at a swap or just buy  nice Legacy wagon and sell this Skyline. Lookin forward to being in a manual, turbo subi again  soon haha :)

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done about 1200k's in my grb now


Car: 2008 WRX STI

Tuned: 225kw

Fuel : Gull Force 10

Fuel economy from fuelly : 12.3L/100km (8.1km/Litre)

Avg price per km from Fuelly : $0.280

Driving style : Boost everywhere. Daily driven through traffic as well as weekend fun car.






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Car: 2002 Legacy B4 (BE5)

Tuned: Road tuned by Pappu on stock ecu (est. 180kw-190kw), Mod: 2.5" Decat exhaust

Fuel : Mobil 98

Fuel economy : Roughly 7km/Litre in traffic, 9km/Litre open road

Driving style : Daily Driven, boost here and there but mostly keep under 3k rpm.

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Car : 97 wrx jdm

Tuned : v3 sti 6s ecu and vf23

Fuel : BP98

Fuel economy : 13l/100km ( run in time ) sits in garage till I get it revinned 


Car : 07 accord euro 

Tuned : stock with 270000km

Fuel : BP95

Fuel economy : open road 7.2l/100km,  10l/100km, can get Dunedin to timaru return with more than 1/2 tank remaining.





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