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1 hour ago, SpeedySub said:

Checking the conversion it works out to be just over 2psi - so maybe he was correct and was on superlow boost?

I shake my head when I talk to people and they say they never check under the hood or even check tyre pressure.


Haha yeah thats what i thought but he was meaning 15kpa is 28psi of boost...in a factory motor lol something is a bit fishy about that

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Dear God, why????  

Are you assuming genders?!? It's 2017! You can't do that anymore!

LOL that is something i would do if i had the money and personality to match (so its probably just as well i don't haha). i'm really impressed, i'm going kind of low key with my things but this guys t

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On 2/25/2017 at 11:17 AM, runrabbit said:

C'mon auckland.


.. unless I'm missing something??





Hahaha, upside down stz

When my STi Imprezza badge arrived I thoroughly checked the internet to see what way up it was - at first i had no idea it was an "i"  i thought it was just a swishy line hahaha

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It's his car he can do what he wants blah blah blah flame but this thing...




does not suit my taste at all, but I am equally impressed as well, confused much?

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